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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a state of emergency for traffic safety, we have learned of another pedestrian hit by a car. this man is now in a coma. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. a 48-year-old man is fighting for his life. is he in a coma and his mother is begging for the suspect to turn himself in. >> this happened roughly two miles south of union square. abc7 news reporter luz pena has a story you'll see only on abc7 news what do you tell him? >> we love him so much. that he needs to fight this. no matter what. >> reporter: christine hasn't left her son's bedside for three days and believes he's hearing her voice. he's in a coma after getting hit by a car while crossing 16th and brian streets saturday afternoon. the driver fled the scene. >> why he just left and left my son there. instead of calling 911 right
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away. he just left. >> according to witnesses the driver of an black mercedes was stopped at a red light behind another car, then abruptly hit raja croing the streets in the crosswalk. the 48-year-old was transported to san francisco general general hospital where his family him after a day of not hearing from him. >> right now my son is fighting for his life. >> he has several injuries to his brain, a crushed femur, five broken ribs and unconscious but stable. >> activity that would possibly indicate if his brain is really fully functioning in the wake mode. there's no perceptable activity. >> reporter: the pedestrian safety group confirmed the 16th street is part of san francisco's high injury network. his family is asking for the city to make some changes. >> at least for the city to
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indicate or make some adjustments in the track regulation in that place. >> reporter: video of the incident was given to police according to neighbors. what his mother wants is for the suspect to turn themselves in. >> the police come up and tell us who is responsible for this horrible incident. >> reporter: we spoke to an sfpd public information officer who confirmed they're investigating the case but didn't reveal any information on the hit and run. luz pena abc7 news. >> in the east bay, hayward police just released new details into an officer involved shooting this morning near mission boulevard and val vista avenue. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has the very latest. >> reporter: it took roughly seven hours for police to give us any substantial information. now we have that information. it turns out they shot a suspect that, the suspect was carrying a replica weapon, not a real weapon, a toy. we've seen this before and we
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have seen it again. let's begin with officer claudia mall from the hayward police. >> the reen we got called in the first place was because community members were in the area and the male was out there waving a gun in the air. that was the call for service we received. >> reporter: was he making threats? >> we are still working on gathering information from the witnesses and the officers. so i am unaware at this time. >> but this was the aftermath. the intersection of mission boulevard and val vista, closed most of the morning while police conducted their investigation. they expect the 20-year-old male suspect of asian descent to survive but they will not yet identify him. details remain sketchy. what kind of replica weapon did the suspect have, did he threaten officers with it. the answers kept to a bare minimum tonight. >> this is a criminal investigation as well as an internal investigation being conducted with internal affairs. and then we also have an
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independent investigation as common protocol with the alameda county district attorney's office. >> so for all we don't know here's what we know. the two the police officers wearing body cameras and that the hayward police intend to show the contents of those body cameras. we also know the two officers have been put on paid administrative leave. that is common practice. in hayward, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. some san francisians are cuo the huge police response to a smash and grab of a rental car that just happened to be carrying stuff belonging to baseball great alex rodriguez. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live from where that crime happened with the story tonight. vic? >> reporter: well, in the last two months, a van filled wutg ashes of a loved one was stolen from a car parked near the cliff house. a tour just was run over trying
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to escape from the legion of honor and now this. on sunday, yet another high profile car burglary. this one happened at 4th and brennan streets. missing from the rental car sources say half a million dollars worth of jewelry, camera gear, a computer, and other luggage. one of the victims baseball star and sports announcer alex rodriguez who had just finished his broadcasting duties at oracle park. espn had rented the suv for its production crew. the break-in happened while rodriguez and the crew were having dinner at marleau's steakhouse. the car was porked across the street. the story was the topic of the day in this neighborhood. >> every block, they're broken in. everywhere. >> reporter: commercial realtor larry matthews says his car has been broken into at least five times. there was a big police response sunday night including officers dusting for fingerprints. even the night police captain
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arrived here. many local victims of car break-ins here say they never got treatment rodriguez was guahimpb they've never done it for me. okay? 1234r mayor london breed says vips of burglaries might consider calling 311 instead of 911 for a better response from police. >> if you're calling specifically because you've had a car brooik break-in, there's a completely different section that you can do a report. >> reporter: jack mcleod works at a nearby garage. he made an offer a-rod may not refuse next time he's in town. >> please call me. i'd it be happy to let you into the garage down below. it will be nice and safe. >> reporter: larry matthews, he's got a better idea. >> take the bus. >> reporter: well, police will tell you our police sources tell us that the size of sunday night's response was because of the value of the stolen goods stipulated at half a million
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dollars. now, that is a major felony. and that's apparently how police treated it. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you. temperatures close to 100 degrees are not helping crews fighting moose fire right now in mendochino county. it is burning in steam terrain outside of hopland about 46 miles north of santa rosa. authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order but that was downgraded this morning to just an evacuation warning. so far, no buildings have been destroyed. more than 300 personnel along with air tankers and helicopters are fighting the fire that's burned 225 acres. the fire is 25% contained. >> significant developments with the ghost ship trial. while jurors did not reach a verdict may made a major request regarding some of the testimony from one of the defendants. >> news reporter laura anthony joins us live from the courthouse in oakland with the story. >> reporter: hi. this is really t only
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development so far this week. it came this afternoon when jurors sent the judge a note. they are asking for significant portions of testimony to be read back to them. that includes from nico bouchard, he signed the original lease was derick almena, also ryan o'keefe who was a volunteer at the concert the night of the fire. and most significantly, they want to hear back the testimony from derick almena, all three and a half days of it. >> we cannive fer that the jury is focused on the inception of the ghost ship warehouse, inception of the lease and probably focused on the owners' conduct and roes as well as mrs. al mane and anybody who founded the ghost ship warehouse. >> this is the point in time where jurors start to think i saw the person testifying, i listened to it and it looked to me like it was truthful but i would like to hear it again. >> reporter: now, of course, the
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defense team for max harris is very encouraged by the fact that they say it appears the jury is looking at derek al mane mostly and not focusing on their client who moved into the warehouse, kristen sze and dan, a full year after it was founded. >> interesting. now derek al mane was on the stand several days. how long might this read back take? >> well, we asked the attorneys about that. they could only give us an estimate. al mane was on the tand for three and a half days. bouchard and o'keefe combined about a half day. attorneys say as a general guideline, it takes about half that time to read back the testimony. we're talking about a clerk sitting in the deliberation room with the jurors and reading it back questions and answers. but it goes much more quickly than it does in the actual courtroom. so it may take a day or two. we have to see. >> laura, thank you very much. >> the city of s francisco and
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santa clara county filed a joint lawsuit to try to stop the trump's crackdown on immigrants claiming the new rules are illegal and would abolish decades of legal precedent. the city attorney called it yet another attempt to vilify immigrants. the state filed suit, as well under the new regulations, legal immigrants can be denied green cards orvis sas if they use government benefits like 2350d stamps or housing assistance. they say it is to insure immigrants do not become dependent on the government. >> it's not just the bay area taking on the white house. >> we're prepared to confront the trump administration head-on. >> the state attorney general versus president trump. this time becerra has a coalition to help him fight. >> and get ready for delays on b.a.r.t. it is a total track shut down for the next six weekends. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya
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patel. soaring temperatures prompting heats warnings. i'll have a closer look plus a look at the forecast coming right up. >> all the tips on finding a cheap flight. turns out a lot of them are turns out a lot of them are nothing but we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing health and nutrition for everyone you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then and now.
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another climate change battle will play out in thes, california and 21 other states are suing to block a trump administration policy to protect coal-fired power plants. it would replace the obama era clean power plan that was never implemented because of a lawsuit. the plan set emission reduction targeted restricted kole burning plants and mandate aid switch to renewable energy. california officials say the trump administration's plan will hurt the climate and the economy. >> we inattend tend to fight this change. we intend to fight for clean climate nor everyone and to save california as prosperity and we
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intend to work hard to save this planet, as well. >> an environmental protection agency spokesperson says the agency worked to insure it produced a solid rule it believes will be held up in court. >> trying to catch people ho dump trashy legally is not easy. but in concord, success. two officers with the east bay regional parks district investigated a legal garbage dump and figured out who did it and had him come back and clean up his mess. the parks district posted this picture of the clean-up on instagram. >> there's a major project coming up that will affect drivers and b.a.r.t. riders in the east bay. the track between the oh rin da and wall net creek stations will be closed over the next two months for six weekends. crews will be replacing 50-year-old track xoens. the work is funded by b.a.r.t.'s measure rr that was passed by voters in 2016. during the closures, there will be free buses shuttling riders between the closed stations.
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>> this is the sort of work that's going to pay off for years to come. it requires a few weekends of inconvenience and we want to limit that inconvenience as best we can. >> so while the b.a.r.t. track is shut down, two eastbound lanes near the lafayette station will also be closed so they can safely position a 265-ton crane. >> that is going to have an impact. we all want to find a cheap flight. what is the best way to find one. >> michael finney has more on that. >> reporter: finding a cheap flight has become an obsession with me. i like passion is a better word. there's no shortage of vice. unfortunately, much of what you've heard is outdated or just wrong. >> how do you get the cheapest airfare? >> i book my stuff like six months or so in advance. >> avoiding travel on friday, saturdays. >> i go through the search engines. >> reporter: there isn't a single answer to finding the
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best price for your flight. sometimes there can be misleading information that could cost you money. that's why consumer reports identified three common airfare myths and what you can do instead to score a better deal. first up, tuesdays are the best days to book airfare. >> this myth started when airlines used to load their fares at the beginning of the week but now, airlines are much more sophisticated in the way that they price their tickets. changing the price 24 hours a day seven days a week. for consumers that means they can find a good deal on airfares they day of the week. >> reporter: consumer reports says follow airline social media account abc set up alerts so you'll be notified immediately when sales become available. next myth, it's always better to book as far as in advance as possible. >> airlines don't start to the actively manage their inventory till five to three months before departure. so if you buy your ticket too early, you'll probably pay more
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than what you would would if you had waited to buy within that time period. >> and the final myth. a round trip airline ticket is a better deal than two one-way fares. >> online booking sites have gotten good at finding ralphers money saving oneway flight combinations. >> kayak offers so-called hacker fares with where a flight search will look for two one-way tickets that make a round friendship flight. you might have to use a different airline for departing and arriving flight but you may get the cheapest possible flight. another way to find a good flight deal is look for air hotel packages. some of the best deals can be found on the airline's web sites. check that out. always compare with online travel providers, as well. when you put them together, you will get a discount. >> all right. >> that's good. >> just about 90 minutes the giants and a's kick off another bay bridge series at oracle park. it will be brett anderson facing mad bum.
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the giants and the a's play tonight and tomorrow in san francisco and then next weekend they'll play two games in oakland. this year is the 30th anniversary of the giants and a's facing each other in the 1989 world series. the a's swept the giants after game three was postponed remember, by the low ma preetta earthquake. >> the weather could not be any nicer for nighttime baseball. >> that's true. it's warm in the city, not too bad. sandhya patel has the forecast but very hot in the east bay. >> it is going to be beautiful for the series tonight because right now it's 73 in the city and the breeze will help to cool them off. golden gate bridge camera showing you the wind coming through the gate here. here's a look at temperatures, 93 santa rosa. 103 right now in fairfield. concord 99, 96 in livermore. a look from our san jose camera, nice sunny afternoon. 74 in the city, 80 in oakland, redwood city, san jose upper 80s
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to low 90s and gilroy at 94. go to half moon bay to escape the heat. air quality is declining. a spare the air alert in effect for tomorrow. south central pay, more quality for inland east bay and an-santa clara valley. good air quality near the coast and central bay. they have a little bit of a sea breeze. right around mount diablo, you see all the brownish hazy conditions around there? that's going to get even worse. good idea if you have health issues related to asthma or anything liking that to stay inside. avoid the outdoors. live doppler 7 showing you clear conditions. don't have the fog at this hour. we do have a couple of warnings and advisories to pass along to you. excessive heat warning begins at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow till 10:00 p.m. friday for lake and solano county. heat stroke and exhaustion is
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possible. heat advisory for the east bay hills and valleys. there is a higher risk of heat, illnesses south bay valleys also included. definitely take it easy out there. some of the things you can do is drink plenty of fluids before you get thirsty. seek ac. perhaps you can find shade. wear lightweight clothing and don't forget about your kids inside vehicles or pets. it gets even hotter as temperatures rise. seeing sunshine right now glistening on the bay. intense heat the next two days. between 100 and 106. cooling begins on friday. first thing tomorrow morning, a little bit of fog near the coast. temperatures low 50s to the upper 60s. clear and mild inland. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 98 los gatos. triple digits morgan hill, gilroy. 94 in santa clara. on the peninsula 90 in palo alto, 91 redwood city.
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73 in pacifica. mid-70s.half moon bay, sunset district. 78 downtown san francisco. warming trend in the north bay. intensity of the heat goes up. 100 in santa rosa, 103 cloverdale. 94 vallejo. 87 berkeley. san leandro, 90 castro valley. 95 oakland. inland areas it's going to be a scorcher. 105 in fairfield, 106 concord, 105 in livermore. a look at the seven-day forecast, sizzling the next two days inland. 70s at the beaches. heat moderates towards friday. by the time the weekend arrives, the temperatures in the comfort zone for this time of year with 60s to 90s fall together 80s by sunday. so kristen sze and dan, boy, looks like we have no choice. >> got to go to the baseball game, guys. >> you go. >> thanks very much. >> the pursuit of a more perfect
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avocado is happening right now. >> at 5:30 on world news with the david muir. >> tonight the jeffrey epstein investigation. >> this case will continue on. >> the attorney general increases the pressure after his death. >> the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> the
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a popular new york-based burger chain is opening its first location in the east bay. shake shack is coming to uptown station at broadway and 20th street. the chain has been expanding across the bay area with restaurants recently opening in palo alto andla, pur. it will be part of the renovation of uptown station and history building that was formerly a sears. >> avocados are definitely having their moment. the growing demand has agriculture researchers exploring a new variety of that fruit that they say they hope
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can withstand the heat in the central valley. our sister station in fresno has more. >> reporter: some people love avocados so imagine getting paid 10 bucks a session to rate avocado samples. >> that's your dream, right? to get paid for what you love to do. >> reporter: nine flavor panelists at the concerny u.s. c agresearch center take their job seriously though some may have been drawn by the free snack. >> by the time the study started there were more people interested that we kind of put on a waiting list. >> reporter: but they've become avocado connoisseurs since the study started in october. >> they're getting into the texture, getting into a lot of different nuances of the flavor. >> reporter: nutty, stringy, buttery. panelists are comparing how a newer gem variety stacks up with the possible haas avocado. >> it tends to be more teardrop shaped. this is more pear shipped. >> they come from smaller trees
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and grow on the inside rather than outside the tree. >> we believe that it has a little bit more heat tolerance and more cold tolerance. >> if that turns out to be true, more local growers may start growing avocado. one has already planned a two acre plot. >> thing that we probably need in this area, something we can do and we wouldn't have. >> tommy: port them from other parts of the country or the world. >> reporter: it's a tough job but we all have to sacrifice. one variety tasted better but for me, both passed the taste test. >> it's pretty good. >> reporter: in fresno county, abc7 news. >> and you know what if more growers can grow it, that 14ud shouldring the price down. >> pretty pricey now. >> pull up a chair and chat awhile. one city's new interactive exhibit. >> first, thanks jonathan for this great picture. share your pictures by as youing
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the hsh#abc7now.
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♪ ♪ coming up at 6:00. >> i was trying to get into my own house. this should never happen to anyone. >> a frightening attack. a woman was assaulted as she tried to enter her building. at 6:00, the impact this could have on a homeless navigation center in san francisco. also, local parents left scrambling. the school their kids were set to attend next week won't open as planned.
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some are calling it sabotage at 6:00. >> thanks a lot. see you then. >> a new exhibit hoping to turn the san frncisco sidewalk into a social science experiment. if you're not careful, you might learn something about yourself. >> the middle ground exhibit is installed in front of the city's main library at civic center. it's the work of the san francisco exploratorium which has partnered with the city to bring interactive experiences to public spaces. >> dive in and you might learn how you form your ideas, frame your personal story or perhaps interact with other people over a cup of catastrophe. the mayor says it's part of a large ser effort to reimagine the city's public spaces. >> with the sunshine today, with all the folks here today, with the kids playing in the playground and the by rite cafe, we're trying to do everything we can to transform this public space so that everyone is welcome. >> the middle ground exhibit includes more than a dozen interactive and multimedia
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exhibits. very creative. >> world news tonig"world news david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. hope to see you again at 6:00. tonight, the chilling new video just released. what it now reveals about the gunman in the dayton massacre. seen before the shooting with his sister and a friend. and where he was the night before. also tonight, the violent clashes erupting at the hong kong airport. authorities targeting pro-democracy demonstrators. those demonstrators beating an officer when he draws a gun. a reporter targeted, accused of being a spy for china. president trump responding tonight. his opponents say he should be doing more. the deadly gun battle on an american highway. a driver pulled over. he gets out of the truck and walks to the back, pulls out an assault-style rifle, opening fire during rush hour. the race to save the officers. the teenager and his threats.


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